Buying a Nayum bespoke diamond engagement ring


The process of buying a diamond ring, especially for the first time, and with the added pressure of needing to get it right to impress a certain special someone started with serious confusion. Colours, carats, clarities and cuts were just the first, headline characteristics I had to get my head around. As if there was not enough to think about already, reading on the web and talking to experienced customers opened my eyes up to the complexities of symmetry, fluorescence, certification, polish, table and what seemed another million important considerations I had to comprehend before making one of the priciest purchases of my life so far.


That is where Team from Nayum saved the day. With recommendations from a number of friends who had purchased a bespoke engagement ring from them previously, I contacted them and set up a meeting. I decided to wander through Hatton Garden en route and get some quotes in other retailer shops for the ring I thought I wanted - I was convinced that anything bespoke would only inflate the price tag, and that I would have to resort to something off the shelf. Feeling somewhat frustrated at my inability to find something that met my criteria exactly off-the-shelf, I went to my meeting with them expecting to have to prohibitively trade-off the characteristics of the stone I could afford in return for a custom-designed ring. Thankfully I was mistaken.


After being welcomed into the office, the first thing the owners did was to educate me in what I should be looking for in a diamond ring – cutting right through the complexity of the process that I was initially so overwhelmed with. I was able to ask questions that you would not ordinarily expect a straight and honest answer to from a salesman, particularly around the various trade-offs in diamond characteristics which are so crucial to a decision, and ultimately the optimisation of my fairly rigid budget. The owners were investing their time, with no purchase obligations at all, educating their customer to enable him to make a well-informed decision - there was a gulf of difference in the approach taken by them vs. some of the retailers I had met on the day. The retailers were mostly quite keen to send me away with a business card and request that I came back when I was more certain in what I wanted - I mean, they’re the experts, right?!


I showed them a number of designs that I knew my significant other would like (combinations from images I had collected from trawling the web) and before long they had found very similar settings in their stock, and advised me further on how best I could use the money I had available in the context of each setting. What was very heartening was that there was no ring design I suggested that was impossible within my budget –they always had a solution as to how I could make it work using the various levers at their disposal, always explaining clearly the pros and cons. Moreover, I had a number of ideas for unorthodox additions to the ring to which the owners were very accommodating, and made work at very reasonable cost. Once I was happy with my selection as well as the estimated price, I went away to do my final thinking and with the owner promising to send me drawings of the proposed ring. Within a couple of days, drawings were shared and I was able to confirm the order. Of course, like any wise customer, I used those two days to call in at every jewellery store and browse every website to see if I could get the same ring cheaper elsewhere – it was difficult to find any setting with a similar stone at a similar price, let alone the value of the information shared, the physical presence on Hatton Garden, and the bespoke service offered by Nayum.


The entire process from purchase to final delivery was explained in our meeting, relaxing my concerns about the time frame for the bespoke piece to be made. After submitting the order, I received updates on the progress and the timeline and importantly the ring was available with no delays or complications. On collection, they showed me the high resolution images of the main diamond and of course I had the opportunity to inspect the final product before taking it away. Further information about insurance and product care was made available with the accompanying certification.


Of course, above all, I was delighted that the ring I had imagined from combining various different rings from Google searches had actually been created within the constraints of my rigid budget. Naturally, my girlfriend (now fiancé!) was bowled over at the thought and imagination that had gone in to preparing the perfect ring for her when she was presented with it. I have the Nayum staff to thank for the time they invested in imparting their advice, and enabling a happy engagement, marked with a Nayum bespoke literal gem worn by a very happy lady!