For most of us guys, once in our lives (and hopefully only once), we will take the big decision to ask the girl we love for her hand in marriage. But before we follow through on that decision, we will soon realise that there is a decision of equal importance to make - finding the perfect engagement ring! Like most guys, I have zero interest in jewellery. The sheer number of different ring designs was overawing, and that was before I’d looked into the variety of diamonds out there. It turns out they come in all different shapes and sizes, (and prices). The thought of finding a ring that my fiancee would love and my bank account would bear was daunting, to say the least. Luckily for me, this is where Nayum stepped in!

Nayum was recommended to me by a friend. It was the third recommendation for a jeweller I had got, but after some dithering, i decided to go with them. I am so glad I got that decision correct. My main dealings were with a lady called Reeta. She was extremely helpful from start to finish. I don’t know about you, but when I am spending that much money, (on something with zero practical use may I add), I like to know what i am buying. I decided to buy the stone and mount separately. Reeta explained in extremely understandable terms all about the different types of diamond, and we spent a lot of time discussing what parameters would give me the best stone (in terms of colour, cut, clarity and carat), given my budget. Reeta and her team were patient and always available to help. Once they had short listed some stones for me, we went through each one in detail and discussed the pros and cons of each, (both from a visual and from a technical perspective). Eventually I decided on the stone and our attentions then turned to the mount. Team Nayum were very helpful in discussing the design of the setting, and spoke to me about the pros and cons of various classic designs. In the end we went for a plain band mount in platinum, with a raised, 6 claw design. I was initially concerned that the finished product would not match the specifications we had discussed. I am grateful to say my concerns were totally misplaced. The setting that turned up was exactly what I was looking for and perfectly complimented the stunning stone that Reeta and her team had helped me to select. The best part is, because of their advice and network I was able to get significantly more for my money versus their competitors.

And the good service didn’t end there. After the purchase, the team have been extremely helpful in recommending insurers for the stone and have assured me that if I have any concerns or want to discuss anything in the future they will be happy to assist. They have also recommended ways to look after the ring and ensure the stone looks at its best. It is a good thing Nayum deal in many other types of jewellery other than engagement rings, as I will definitely use them again.

Overall I can only say that a potentially stressful experience was anything but. It was relaxed, pleasant and ultimately rewarding knowing that I had bought a ring that would look spectacular on my fiancee's finger. I would recommend them to everyone, not only for engagement rings but for all types of other jewellery.